Goofy Challenge 2020 Training: Month 2

September 29, 2019

Now that we are well into our Goofy Challenge Training plan, let’s take a look back before we look ahead to the next month. You can find the Block 1 here, along with the explanation of why I’m building my own training plan. Month One — August 26-September 29:  I embraced Heart Rate training this…

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Whole 30 — Hitting the Reset Button

September 24, 2019

In 15 years of this athletic journey, I’ve always understood that nutrition is an important piece of fitness. As I built myself up to becoming an Ironman, I spent a lot of time in training, coming back from those long sessions starving. My belief, like many other amateur athletes, was run all the miles so…

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Goofy Challenge 2020 Training: Coaching Myself

August 16, 2019

15 years of this running journey, and I find myself at a new point. In 2004, I was making it up as I went along, trying to figure out how to train for a my first triathlon (basically, I didn’t). Learned the lessons. Made mistakes. Learned more lessons. As I went along, I discovered the…

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Running Disneyland Paris: your one-stop Guide

August 1, 2019

I absolutely LOVED the DLP versions of Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Small World and others. There are some rides unique to Paris, too, that are can’t miss rides. These include Crush’s Coaster (think a combo of Nemo and Friends, Triceratops Spin and Space Mountain, but in a good way), Ratatouille, Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, RC Racer and more. Explore the castle in DLP, it’s amazing.

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2019 DC Wonder Woman 5k

July 24, 2019

Another woman turned around, looked at me and smiled, then beckoned to me as if to say, “Come on! Let’s finish strong!” I looked at her, tapped into the fumes of whatever I had left and said, “Let’s do this!”

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June 10, 2019

Race day conditions could not have been more perfect: 50 degrees at race start partly cloudy, light breeze. As I hit the start line, I wasn’t really focused on the race. It wasn’t until I was high-fiving the security team that I thought, “I should probably get set up.” I found my run program in my watch, turned on my playlist, and the gun went off.

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May 30, 2019

Hey RunJunkies, it’s a big day around here, because we are launching the GO FIND YOUR AWESOME PODCAST!! So, who’s we? My very dear friend, Jen Sorensen and I are teaming up as a Coach/Athlete duo to talk about our running journey from two different perspectives — as a coach with over a decade of…

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February 20, 2019

While I was pretty much focused inward on my music and my pace, whenever I paid attention to the other runners around me, I found myself continually passing people. On only a couple of occasions did I have runners overtake me. I feel like I was passing dozens of runners per mile, which is very much new to me. Normally, I feel like I’m just in the way…that so many runners will pass me at the start. This time, I didn’t even notice.

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January 21, 2019

Recently, the 26th Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend wrapped up, with tens of thousands of runners covering anything from 5k all the way up to 48.6 miles. And that’s just for the races — forget park time! To those of you who participated, a very special Congratulations on finishing the Marathon, Goofy, Dopey…any of the…

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Beat the Blerch Half Marathon Race Recap

September 23, 2018

  Everything I ever understood about support and encouragement during a race weekend was put away on Saturday at the Beat the Blerch Half/Marathon weekend. Karen and I donned big “Blerch” Suits and spent the greater part of the day telling runners to slow down, maybe have a nap on the couch…oh, and we have…

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Fortitude 10k Race Recap — the Perfect PR

September 9, 2018

11:00 pm Sunday night: I’m staring at the ceiling, mind racing with anticipation. I laid out all my clothes and gear hours ago. I ate a healthy dinner, and even turned the lights out at 9:00 pm. Yes. I’d been lying there for 2 hours waiting on sleep. Finally, after tossing and turning, I decide…

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