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Episode 17: Outdoor Divas Triathlon Race Recap

In today’s podcast we dive into Heather’s return to the triathlon as she attempts to tackle the Outdoor Divas Sprint Triathlon. Learn all about what got Heather back into the sport, her training and the race.

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Episode 16: Introduction to Heart Rate Training

Today we dive into the nuances of heart rate training. Who is heart rate training for and who would benefit from taking it on? While sometimes overwhelming and confusing, it really is the best metric by which to train. Find out why!

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Episode 14: An Honest Conversation With RezRuns

In this week’s podcast we talk with Gerald Reznick from RezRuns. Known for his impressive videos on YouTube and mutual love of RunDisney races, Gerald joins us to talk about his running journey and where he is with his current injuries.

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Episode 14: How to keep up with your running when traveling

In today’s podcast we talk about how to approach running when traveling. If you have to travel a lot for work like Jen, learn some of her tips and tricks to make sure you get your runs in while balancing work. If you are heading out on vacation, learn our approach to finding balance between R&R and getting the crazies out on a run. Or, if you just want to sit on the beach and not run, learn how to approach your training plan to achieve your goals. No matter how you approach travel, running or not running is possible.

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Episode 13: Disneyland Paris Race Preview

In this podcast we dive into what you need to know to prepare to participate in the Disneyland Paris races. Whether it’s your first or 100th visit to Europe, Paris or Disneyland Paris, there’s something in here for you.

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Episode 11: The Half Marathon; Tackling 13.1 miles

Today we dive into everything there is to know about the half marathon, or 13.1 miles. Join us as we race through this topic and talk about how a half marathon isn’t half of anything, it’s a fantastic race distance that you can tackle with the right training. Fuel up and enjoy the course!

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Episode 8: Making Tough Decisions for your Running

In today’s podcast we sit down with fellow runner, coach, and awesome friend Karen Porter Blankenship from A Sometime Athlete to discuss her coaching philosophy and what it’s like to make tough decisions around training and running a race.
Not everything goes right with a training plan, and sometimes you have to make the right choice for the long haul.

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Running in the Heat: Stay cool when temperatures rise.

In today’s podcast we talk about how to run in warmer weather. As most of the Northern Hemisphere heats up and gets into the thick of summer, we runners need to adapt. Hear our tips and tricks for making running in the heat not just tolerable, but enjoyable…well, okay, at least tolerable.

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This week on the Podcast: Recapping the 2019 BolderBoulder 10k

Not every race is perfect, but we can get really close.

In today’s podcast we dive into Heather’s most recent race, the Bolder Boulder 10K. In her fourth running of this race, Heather shares details of what has been dubbed America’s Best 10K by Runner’s World. Set in Boulder, CO, this race has over 50,000 participants and 100,000 spectators, leading to some great stories about costumes, course support and a few hills and turns along the way.

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Coach Heather and her Client Athlete Jen talk about all things running during a weekly podcast. As a result of their friendship, they began working together as Coach and Athlete, then as hosts of the Runners Without Limits Podcast (formerly Go Find Your Awesome). In it, they discuss training tips, gear, races, recovery, nutrition, products...everything you might want from a Podcast for Every Runner.

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