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Episode 109: Big Announcements and Catch up Chat

So many great things are happening with the Runners Without Limits Network. In this episode, we share not one, not two, but THREE new projects. All three have been in the works for more than a year, and we finally get to share them with you. First, we share our personal training updates from mid-summer 2021.

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Episode 106: Summer Q&A July 2021, Part 2

Pushing kids in strollers, cadence and heart rate, training in hilly areas, what’s on our calendar, recurring injuries, planning racecations, training between races, RunDisney training, and other sports therapies.

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Episode 105: Summer Q&A June 2021, Part 1

Pace adjustments for running in the heat, Rate of Perceived Exertion, running socks and underwear, getting kids involved with running, Garmin Training plans, incorporating swimming as cross training, race etiquette, and who Jen would trip in a Zombie apocalypse.

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Episode 103: Hydration Tips for Everyday

Summer is here, so is National Hydration Day! It’s time to talk about how to get and stay hydrated for your day-to-day, short runs, and long runs. This is the time to plan your Fall Marathon/Half Marathon hydration strategy, so hopefully you will find this information useful.

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Episode 099: How to Acclimate to Warm Weather Running

As we start to see races return and more hope than we’ve seen in a while, we offer up some perspective about the state of the fitness journey, how it fits into upcoming training, and how to acclimate to the heat as we prep for Fall races.

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About the Podcast

Coach Heather and her Client Athlete Jen talk about all things running during a weekly podcast. As a result of their friendship, they began working together as Coach and Athlete, then as hosts of the Runners Without Limits Podcast (formerly Go Find Your Awesome). In it, they discuss training tips, gear, races, recovery, nutrition, products...everything you might want from a Podcast for Every Runner.

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