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Ep 183 — 2022 Year in Review Chat

2022 had lots of ups and downs, but in the end so much was learned. In a look back at this year, we explore the victories and challenges from races, training, and our own personal journeys.

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Ep 181 — Runner’s Burnout; You are not alone!

Show of hands. Who’s dealing with burnout? On any level? Oh, you too? Burnout is real, especially when training for big events, but certainly during this holiday season. The hope is that you find comfort that so many of us are dealing with Burnout right now. It’s okay, we’ll get through it, but the secret is to take care of yourself. 

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Ep 178 — RunDisney 2022 Wine and Dine Half Marathon Recap

We made it to and through the last race of RunDisney’s Wine and Dine Weekend with the Soul Half Marathon! Conditions were rough with heat and humidity, the courses had changed from previous events, and we finished! Heather and Jen had different experiences for each of their half marathon runs, so enjoy this recap of 13.1 Miles. 


Very special thanks to all of you who sponsored the Half Marathon for Sophie and Madigan’s Playground . If you would like to support Heather’s future fundraising efforts for upcoming events, please check out the following links. 

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Ep 177 — RunDisney 2022 Wine and Dine 10k Recap

RunDisney’s second race of the 2022-2023 Season showcases the Raya and the Last Dragon 10k. In this episode Heather and Jen discuss their experiences of the morning. 

Very special thanks to Kim, Katie, Melissa, and Michelle for sponsoring the 10k miles.

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Ep 176 — RunDisney 2022 Wine and Dine Expo and 5k Recap

RunDisney kicks off the 2022-2023 Season with the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend from Thursday, November 3rd through Sunday, November 6th. In this episode Heather and Jen discuss some details around Club RunDisney, the Health and Fitness Expo, and the new Virtual Queue process for the Merchandise Store. The second half of the episode features Heather’s Recap of the Coco 5k and the experiences around this amazing first race.

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Ep 175 — November Chat with Heather and Jen

Since Heather and Jen are well ensconced at the Disney place, it was time for another chat episode. Find out what is happening in the week before the first event of the season, and what the next 10 weeks might hold. 

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Ep 173 — High School Cross Country with Soren Jergensen

Making his podcast debut, this episode features Coach HJ’s son, Soren Jergensen who just completed his first high school Cross Country season. He shares his running experience, his progress, and what he’s learned in just a few short months about running and discipline. 

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Coach Heather and her Client Athlete Jen talk about all things running during a weekly podcast. As a result of their friendship, they began working together as Coach and Athlete, then as hosts of the Runners Without Limits Podcast (formerly Go Find Your Awesome). In it, they discuss training tips, gear, races, recovery, nutrition, products...everything you might want from a Podcast for Every Runner.

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