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Episode 90: Ultra Running with Jason Green from Yeti Trail Runners

Jason Green from Yeti Trail Runners joins the podcast to discuss all of the wonderful aspects of trail running. This refreshing conversation dives into what the Ultra and Trail running community is like. Please see the resources below for how to start out in Ultra running, and join our Podcast Facebook Group for much more.

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Episode 83: Winter Q&A — Your Running Questions Answered!

Heather and Jen answer your questions! Some of these have been sitting in the digital closet for months, and we feel like we owe it to you, dear listener, to answer them — well some of them. Special thank you to the Podcast Facebook Group for asking some great questions!

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Episode 81: Looking back at 2020 and finding the wins

Heather and Jen are back together and looking back on 2020. It seems strange to look at this year to find WINS, yet there are there if we dig a little. We learned about ourselves and what we need, but we have to thank our listeners for contributing to the conversation and sharing your wins. We wish you Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Happy Running.

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Episode 80: Sharing YOUR Nutrition Tips

During the month of November, we shared lots of ideas in the Runners Without Limits Podcast Facebook Group. From hydration favorites to meal planning to On-the-Go snacks to feeding a crowd. Heather and Jen share those stories, in what is sure to be a mouthwatering episode!

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About the Podcast

Coach Heather and her Client Athlete Jen talk about all things running during a weekly podcast. As a result of their friendship, they began working together as Coach and Athlete, then as hosts of the Runners Without Limits Podcast (formerly Go Find Your Awesome). In it, they discuss training tips, gear, races, recovery, nutrition, products...everything you might want from a Podcast for Every Runner.

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