Post-SSSVEDA Day 1 Live Stream

If you stopped by my YouTube channel on August 1st during my live chat, first of all THANK YOU! I know I had a great time, and some of you hung in there with me for almost 2 full hours! Let’s think about this in running terms. That is the time it takes to run a half marathon (well some people. Not me)!! When I was done yesterday, I felt like I HAD run a half marathon! 

I got some great comments, suggestions, and questions from many of you, and I am still reeling from all the information passed back and forth. Rest assured, I have made a lot of notes about upcoming videos. I learned a lot from you, and I hope I answered some of your questions satisfactorily.

Here are a few random thoughts I had after the live stream yesterday, though.

First: 2 hours live is insane. Fun, but insane. That’s not to say I won’t do that again, but I personally can’t make that a regular habit or I might hurt myself. So, I’m doing another live stream on Saturday, August 12th, where I will answer questions, but I want to get some of them ahead of time. If you have questions for me, please tweet me @grace_pretz, or leave a comment below, and I will either approach those questions in upcoming video, or address them in the next live stream. I may also have some fun stuff from me personally (maybe a gear haul?), but I really want to try to keep the stream shorter, and if I have a plan ahead of time, then I can be more efficient…in theory.

The other thing is that I’m getting a lot of requests for demo videos, i.e. foam rolling, hill workouts, stretching, etc. While, yes, I really want to do videos of this nature, and I hope to in the future, I am reluctant to do so for two reasons. The first and most important is that I am not a licensed fitness coach. Therefore, I could be putting you at risk for injury if I show you improper technique, and possibly me at risk legally if you DO get hurt. The last thing I want to do is give you wrong or inaccurate information, so this type of video may come in the future, but that’s why I don’t do a lot of them now. I have no problem directing you to resources that are better at demonstrating proper form. The other stupid and vain reason is that I don’t like how I look in a full length shot in my running clothes. I’m working on getting over that, but I’m just being real, here. Please stay tuned, though, because those types of videos might become a thing.

Lastly, I think we blew some minds when we made this announcement, and by “we,” I mean Joyful Miles, RezRuns, and Running with Grace. If you missed it, our three channels will be hosting a meet up! Here is all the information we’ve come up with so far: during the 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, Friday, January 5th in the afternoon on the Boardwalk (near Yacht/Beach Club). We’ll meet somewhere near ESPN and Ample Hills Creamery. Stay tuned for more details!

But that’s it for now, guys. I’m so glad you all stopped by and chatted with me. I love engaging with you live. Thank you all so much, and if you have any further suggestions for video or blog content, please feel free to drop a comment!

Heather Jergensen

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