Base-Building Training Plan for Disney Challenges: 12 Weeks


Training Plan Length: 12 Weeks

Training Plan Intensity: Low Intensity

Hours per Week: 5-7

Workouts per Week: 5-7 workouts per week

About This Training Plan

This training plan is designed for any runner ready to take on a RunDisney Multi-day Challenge — the 10k/Half, Goofy, or Dopey Challenges, but who still has a few weeks or months before training really begins. Runners of all levels will benefit from this plan, especially novice or intermediate runners, or athletes who have taken time off of running and want to develop a habit. 

At the start of this plan, you are somewhat active in any sport or activity and injury free. You will have the opportunity to get consistent with your running and strength training, developing cardiovascular fitness prior to your main RunDisney Training Cycle.  

The 12 weeks of this Base-Building plan are designed to adapt to your time frame. It features three 4-week blocks of progressively longer runs with the fourth week in each block dropping back for a recovery week. 

You will see 3 days a week of running, 2-3 cross training days, and one full rest day. Runner’s Strength workouts are to be done 2-3 days a week. Although multi-day challenges are Running events, it is critical for your running health that you incorporate cross training and strength, even sometimes at the expense of some miles. It is strongly encouraged to take a full rest day once a week. Rest is PART of your training, not lack of it.

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