Disneyland Half-Marathon Weekend: What you need to know

The Disneyland Half Marathon weekend is coming up fast, and while we covered a lot of information in the video, we just couldn’t get to it all, so here is a little more information to consider. If you have further questions, please refer to the Event Guide or any of these videos and resources:

Joyful Miles Videos

Running with Grace Videos

Runners Lounge VIP package is still open for registration at $199 for the whole weekend, and it includes early bib pick-up, a private tent before and after races with refreshments, complimentary parking, and a lot of cool extras and special access. It’s like a backstage pass for the whole weekend.

If you are a foodie and love the Napa Rose Restaurant at the Grand Californian, there is a Lunch and Learn event, 2 hours, 3 course meal, you get a kitchen tutorial and tips on creating healthy pre-race meals, you have lunch with Jeff Galloway — I mean he’s like RunDisney’s equivalent of a rockstar! I don’t know how he does all of this…I think he must have clones, because he’s everywhere!

What is in the virtual event bag?

  • $25 off Registration for any available RunDisney Superhero event, November 9-12, 2017
  • Half-Price tickets for the Anaheim Angels Baseball Games
  • $26 off Fond Memories Graphics
  • 20% off Lasting Commemoratives
  • …and more!

Now let’s talk about ChEAR Squad. Spectators participating in Chear Squad, you also need a waiver to receive your items. Chear Squad is still open for registration for $79, and there are quite a few perks involved with that Spectator Viewing Party, such as a private viewing area, a hot breakfast, Finish Line seating, commemorative gear, and exclusive parking. If you are not signed up for Chear squad, spectator viewing is first-come first-served on the public sections of the course.

Wrapping up the last few tidbits from the Guide:

  • The Race Day Checklist by Jeff Galloway is a good reminder of all the things we want to do to prep for race day, please look at that carefully.
  • Post Race information including where to get your pictures is good to look over.
  • There’s a good article on fueling for your race, and if I have one takeaway it is to do nothing new on race day.
  • The core exercises page is great information, but if you haven’t been doing exercises like this already, I would advise caution on starting this during your taper period. Get to race day healthy.
  • Tips on Pre-race sleep — which I think is a contradiction in terms, not just because of the early race starts, but also because of the jittery excitement. I like to make sure I get a good night’s sleep 2 nights before the race just for good measure.
  • Medical advice, read carefully

As you can see there is a TON of information in this guide, and between the video and this article I STILL didn’t get to it all! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments!

Have a great race, and please come back and share your stories!