Favorite Running Podcasts…Mostly

Many runners realize quickly that they need something to distract themselves from the tedium and the boredom of running, particularly those long distances. While some runners may not need to plug the earbuds in, most of us find that the miles pass more quickly with a companion.

Whether you enjoy listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts, whatever you do to pass the time and help you get it done is a good thing. I discovered that music doesn’t work while running, unless I’m doing some kind of driving speed workout. As a lifelong musician, I just can’t help stepping with the beat, no matter what that beat is. So if it’s a hard-driving rock song, and I’m supposed to keep it easy, I might overdo my workout. Or if a ballad comes up just before my Tempo mile, I may fall off pace. So no, music is out most of the time.

Audiobooks are fine, and on long runs an engaging audio book will help the miles go by quickly. All too often though, after a couple of hours, my mind has wandered and I’ve lost the story.

Which leads me to podcasts. I have quite a few podcasts on different networks, and I don’t get to all of them all the time. I don’t regularly tune into some of these either, because I try to get my favorites in first.

Here’s my list of podcasts and their links as mentioned in the video:

  • Another Mother Runner Podcast on aCast — a group of running moms share their stories and helpful tips on all aspect of fitness and running.
  • The Runner’s World Show on iTunes — Like the magazine, features interviews with influential athletes and informative pieces that motivate and inspire.
  • The Joyful Miles Podcast on iTunes and Podbean — Race Recaps, tips, and RunDisney information with a fun and lighthearted group of runners from all walks of life.
  • Let’s RunDisney Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio — Race Recaps from RunDisney and news about Upcoming races.
  • Touring Plans, Disney Dish with Len Testa and Jim Hill on iTunes — Disney history, development, news and reviews of current attractions, restaurants, and resorts.

And here are a few other podcasts that i listen to occasionally. Some are running related, but I still find all of them fun, entertaining, and informative:

If you have a favorite podcast, I’d love to hear about it. Please let me know in the comments!