Training through September; Stress and Running

Part of me is amazed at how quickly September went by, but most of me is just plain relieved! I have felt stress at other times in my life, but it seems like ages ago — other lifetimes even. Those stressful times I might classify as negative and painful. While there was so much joy to go around this month, the stress around it actually kind of surprised me!

Our wedding was small, intimate, and really didn’t have many of the trappings of larger weddings. We did away with the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, the first dances and the like all in favor of spending time with the small crowd we had. As our wedding day drew nearer, there were landmark moments I was looking forward to in succession. First, sitting on the patio by the lake with my family. Then getting to my hair and nail appointments (pampering I don’t often allow myself, to look like I never will again). I still had decisions to make, though. People kept asking me questions! I was done making decisions! Then to the evening itself. As much as I loved the ceremony, we were all happy it was only 10 minutes long (it was 90 degrees and 100% humidity). Then dinner, dancing, and celebrating!

Getting home a couple of days later, we finally could get back to normal…or at least the “new” normal with Dave moving in and the three of us building a new life together. I couldn’t help but feel so much relief on Monday when I could get back to my routine: planning and writing videos, training for my next events, and turning my attention once more to taking care of myself and my family.

It is through the stressful times that exercise becomes more important, but because time becomes precious in those seasons, exercise falls down the priority list. I’ve always been the type of person who will go for a run on a major holiday. I’ve run on my birthday, Christmas morning, Thanksgiving day, Independence day…why should my wedding day be any different? I went out for 5 miles, and it was truly the best run I’d had all month! Some folks find that weird, I guess.

No matter. This busy month is now behind us. I personally can turn my attention back to my training, my sanity-saver, and my health. In this past week, I’ve slept better than I have in 2 months, I’m eating better, and my training is back up to consistent levels. I’ve logged more training time this week than I have for all of the rest of September, and I feel fantastic!

We are ready for October and ready for RunDisney’s Superheroes. I plan on training like Mr. Incredible for the next 6 weeks, dropping some stress-induced weight, and kicking everything up a notch.

My coach tells me to ease back into it all…that I shouldn’t come out guns-a-blazing. That will be the challenge as I go forward through this month.