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Ep 145: RunDisney Springtime Surprise Recap Part 1

As the RunDisney Season comes to a close, we recap the first day – just one day – of the Springtime (Star Wars) Surprise Weekend. Covering the pre-dawn Sunrise Yoga, the Health and Fitness Expo and Bib Pickup, and the Expedition Everest 5k Night race.

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Ep 144: Springtime Chat and New Training Plan Announcements

As runDisney’s Springtime Surprise is in full swing, Heather and Jen take time to catch up and chat about training, recent travel, and personal family updates. Also in this episode, we discuss the new and improved Runners Without Limits Training plans for 2022-2023, in particular the RunDisney plans that have helped many already.

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Ep 143: The History of the Springtime Surprise Races

The 2022 RunDisney Springtime Surprise is bringing back some fan favorite races from years past. Many of these themes came and went before the RunDisney fandom expanded to what we know now. We look back at the history of the Expedition Everest 5k, Race for the Taste 10k, and the Tower of Terror 10 Miler. In some surprising finds, we see how much runDisney has changed.

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Ep 142: Virtual Runs in a Live Race World

The Spring Running season is approaching, which brings with it a dearth of live races in some parts of the world. Now that live races are returning, why would we bother with Virtual races and runs? In this episode, learn why Virtual runs and races still have a place in a Live Race Environment.

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Ep 141 – The Benefits of Walking for runners

So often new runners will set the goal of “running straight” without slowing to a walk. We might look at it as a measure of progress, and it is. However, we then begin to look at slowing to a walk as weakness. But it is not. In fact, there are many benefits to incorporating a walk regimen into your running schedule.

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Episode 139: Adapting your Training and Racing in Different Conditions

Race Day conditions are often different from our “usual” day-in-day-out training days. Race-cations take us to locales that may not share the same weather patterns that we are used to. So how do you prepare for conditions that may be different on race day? How do you add travel into your training when you are running someplace that has a different climate? Coach Heather and Jen discuss Training and Racing in Different Conditions!

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Ep 138 – Heather and Jen Unplanned Chat and the new RWL plan

In this unplanned, impromptu Chat Episode, Heather and Jen discuss how Best Laid Plans will change quickly. We talk about Spring Marathon Training during the Winter, Adulting to the Max, new (temporary) Runners Without Limits schedule. Thank you all for your continued support.

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Ep 137 — Winter Listener Q&A 2022 Part 2

We received so many questions from you, our Listeners, that we had to split this episode into TWO PARTS! After a quick catch up, we discuss Heart Rate Training, Strength and Cross Training, and returning to in-person races.

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Ep 136 — Winter Listener Q&A 2022 Part 1

We received so many questions from you, our Listeners, that we had to split this episode into TWO PARTS! After a quick catch up, we discuss motivation during the winter, coming back from time off, and some TMI topics!

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Episode 135: RunDisney Recap – Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Part 2

Join us as we chat with Sisters Run the World: Kim, Katie, and Melissa Griffin. Among these three ladies, 12 medals were earned at Walt Disney World Marathon weekend with two Goofy Finishers and a Dopey Finisher. These three recount what it was like to take on these challenges together as sisters, each one with a very different perspective on the final challenging miles of the marathon. Enjoy!

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Episode 134: RunDisney Recap – Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Part 1

It’s time to recap RunDisney’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend! In this, Part 1, we discuss our own perspectives on the Expo, 10k, and Half Marathon. With a last minute change of plans for Jen, and Heather’s limited race schedule, this is a different perspective than we originally anticipated. Join us for this fun recap!

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