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Episode 42: Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano Talk About Run The Edge

In today’s exciting podcast Heather and Jen talk to the one and only collegiate runner Tim Catalano and Olympian Adam Goucher from Run the Edge. What started as a book has blossomed into a company that inspires runners and walkers alike to get out there and find something within themselves. Heather and Jen might say that Run the Edge is helping athletes find the awesome within themselves. We hope you enjoy this interview and are as inspired as we were.

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Episode 41: Post-Race Blues — What to do when it’s over.

When we invest so much time and energy in a big race event, many of us experience a let-down — an emotional crash post-race. Heather and Jen discuss how to cope in appropriate ways during this time in order to come back to running healthy and ready for the next goal.

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Episode 38: Running Annoyances and Irritations

In today’s episode, Heather and Jen air their grievances about being an athlete, being a coach, and all the little (and sometimes big) annoyances that come with being a runner. We just had to get this off our chest. Our question is, what bugs you about being a runner? For all of you who participated in the Go Give Your Awesome charity challenge, thank you. This was a wonderful way to give back to the community through your running.

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Episode 37: Decade in Review!

Okay, we know. Technically, the decade ends at the end of 2020, but we are doing this anyway. In this week’s episode, Jen and I take a long look back and about the journey we’ve taken and what we’ve accomplished in the last ten years — spoiler alert — It’s a lot! Happy New Year RunJunkies!

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Episode 35: Taper – Getting ready!

As many of us gear up for the runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, we spend some time talking about taper. We discuss what taper is and why it is important. We also share some tips and tricks based on our own experiences to survive “the taper crazies.” While we do refer to Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend a bit, this podcast is relevant whenever you need to taper before a race.

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Episode 35: RunDisney Marathon Weekend Preview 2020

Join us as we dive deep into the upcoming runDisney 2020 Marathon Weekend event. Between Heather and Jen, we’ve experienced a number of runDisney races and Marathon Weekends. We share our experience and talk about the many changes and exciting elements of the race weekend in today’s podcast. We hope you join us at the meetup on Friday, January 10th at 3 pm on the Boardwalk near the ESPN Club and Ample Hills Creamery.

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Episode 34: Setting Goals for 2020

In today’s podcast, Heather and Jen embrace their loopiness and talk about setting goals for 2020. We answer some of the questions you asked in our Facebook group and we talk about our own goals, some of which we know already and a lot we’re still figuring out.

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Episode 33: Catch up with Heather and Jen

We chit chat in this episode about all sorts of things, from running, to holidays, and even some seasonal mood issues. To all of our friends in the United States, we want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Episode 32: Gift Guide… What we’re loving right now

In today’s podcast, Heather and Jen rave about what they’re loving right now and would recommend for your “must-have” list. From apparel to inspirational motivation, we’re all about making sure you know what we’d purchase again so that you have the best holiday ever. Once we share our excitement, we talk about what’s on our list… or what would be on our list if money weren’t an obstacle.

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Episode 31: Runner Burnout

Thanks for listening to the Go Find Your Awesome Podcast Episode 31: Runner Burnout!

In today’s podcast we dive into this strange phenomenon. It affects novice and veteran runners alike. Even those of us who love running with a passion will find ourselves “over it.” With many of us in the thick of WDW Marathon Weekend training, we may be questioning why we do this as it gets colder, darker and grayer out. How do you not just survive, but thrive and finish the race(s) strong? Or do you?

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Coach Heather and her Client Athlete Jen talk about all things running during a weekly podcast. As a result of their friendship, they began working together as Coach and Athlete, then as hosts of the Runners Without Limits Podcast (formerly Go Find Your Awesome). In it, they discuss training tips, gear, races, recovery, nutrition, products...everything you might want from a Podcast for Every Runner.

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